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i've got another confession to make...

so last night me stace alex and his friends went to mattison's and it was sooo delish. i loved it, we gotta go there more often. then we rented blow and watched it with mer and leah. good movie. i can't believe it's a true story, gosh what an insane life. that was one looong movie though so we didn't get to bed till 2ish and had to get up at 9 for father's day breakfast. eek i've gotten so used to at least 11 hours sleep each night that 7 just didn't cut it and now im exhausted. i'm so excited for our camping trip! yey we leave thursday! and we got a tent, thank god! it wasn't look too good for a minute there. i'm in love with the video for best of you. and i really want to go back to the Guggenheim. i'm obsessed with Anna Gaskell.
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