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Hallelujah, lock and load!

I can not wait for this week to be over...ay i just want to skip it all...the 2 finals, rice presentation, and 2 janoff papers. ugh. but i just keep telling myself that the sooner i get it all out of the way, the sooner it is summer and i'm off grounding!! woo!! so exciting.

aww my dad is gonna cook my breakfast in the morning to see if it helps the headache i get every afternoon. how considerate of him.

i know its a little early...but im starting to panic already about getting into college. everyone keeps telling me how impossible it is to get into california schools from out of state and, to say the least, that just isnt boosting my confidence. i lay in bed and just worry about not getting into any schools i want to go to and then what will i do!? ayyy yi yi i'll just hafta try and not focus on that until the time comes.
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