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we don't have much room to live

so seeing as im in the best mood ive been in in about 5 weeks im taking this opportunity to do the impossible...update! dun dun dun!

had a dominican meeting got me all pumped up and im so freaking excited to go again! last time was probably the best trip ive ever gone on (ok well equal with spain<3) and i just cant wait to do it again! i feel like a good person lol, plus the people rock and its just amazing.

im also gonna go stay with andrea for a bit over the summer and then off to california to visit USC and UCLA and hopefully stay with annie for a while since shes staying in berk this summer! ah the prospect of getting away from here is just so thrilling!

but for now im just trying to get through 7 more days of school. then we're seniors! sheesh this is all so fast...i still think of myself as a blonde little girl with a queer northern accent.
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