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we're almost 23 and you're still mad at much i had said to you and i wanna take it back

yesterday was fun. called in sick to work...yeahhhh those fake migranes are a bitch. stace came over for what seemed to be just a friendly visit. it wasn't until she began raiding my closet that her real motives were unearthed! its not that she gives a hoot about me, just about scoping out the clothes! haha anyways i had the grand idea of going rollerblading, something i hadnt attempted since probably 7th grade...but with these freshly paved roads in the hood i just couldnt resist. so we rolled out (literally har har har) and then washed the taz-mobile. sheesh was that a task...who knew that car was white underneath all that filth!? anyways a few original babs and taz raps later stace was off and i was left to conquer the stat hw. seeing as he was stopping by chris' i chatted with mj for a bit and then finished my work. it was bomb.

ugh tomorrow the lang mock! 4 hoursssssss of essays and rhetorical analysis!!!!!!!!!!! im sure to keel over before its done!
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